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After a test pilots horrific crash he’s awakened three years later with bionic limbs by the scientist who rebuilt him giving one command… RUN!

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Three F-22 Raptors break the sound barrier as they rip over the palm desert. Captain MARCUS JOHNSON, cocky, ace pilot, in the lead Raptor easily out-maneuvers his pursuers LT. COL. DREW FOSTER and Israeli pilot MAJOR JANA ZADOV. After taking the two out of the exercise Marcus breaks off, against GENERAL MILLS orders, to see how far he can push the plane.

The following morning the tarmac is filled with personnel preparing for the days exercise. General Mills hastily checks his watch, Marcus is going to be late, but right as the clock strikes 09:00 he arrives. Marcus walks to his F22 and along the way DR. ANTHONY FIELDS, the creator of “The Sisters”, introduces himself and says “You know you’ll be facing 70 years of human ingenuity, Captain.” Marcus replies "Well, 3.5 billion years of evolution might just beat you, Doc.” Fields smiles and Marcus gets into his plane and prepares for takeoff. Cut to later in the dogfight. Jana and Drew have both been taken out of the exercise by the AI. Marcus struggles to keep it off his tail. He takes the AI straight up into a stall. They collide! Marcus has lost his right wing! He regains control of his plane and crashes, coming to a stop upside down. Marcus loses consciousness.

Marcus wakes up in Moirai industries with a gasp of breath. Alarms blaring. He looks around but his vision is blurry. A man walks up and shines a light into his eyes. They say something but the sound is muddy and distant. Boom! Two armed guards and a doctor burst in. The armed guards surround the man. Marcus rips at his restraints and frees an arm as the doctor places a square onto his temple. He punches the doctor and sends him flying across the room. Marcus looks at his hands. He rips off the other restraints. One of the guards rushes him. Marcus knocks him out and takes his gun. RataTatTat! The other guard shoots at Marcus. He returns fire. Click.. Click.. He runs out of ammo. The other guard pops up from cover and Marcus heaves his gun at him. Knocking him unconscious. Pop! The restraints on Marcus’ legs unlock. He looks over and sees the man slump over the control panel and slip to the ground. Marcus runs over. It’s DR. ANTHONY FIELDS. Blood pools underneath him. “Run!” Marcus asks him where they are. “Run.” He’s slipping. “Run...”

Marcus escapes into Seattle, WA and is hunted down by Moirai’s head of Security ARVAD MEIR. A foot chase turned car chase comes to a close when the men accidentally run a school bus off the freeway, lodging itself three stories above the ground. They work together to save the children. While pulling the last child off, the bus becomes dislodged and falls three stories crumpling into a heap. Arvad is mortally wounded but was able to shield the child, saving her. Marcus pulls her from the wreckage and the little girl screams. She stares in horror at Marcus’s arm. He looks down... The skin from his left arm has been ripped away revealing his bionic limb...

Marcus goes into Moirai for answers. He’s greeted with open arms by CEO JAMES HOLDNER. He’s excited to put Marcus’s new body through its paces. Marcus asks about Dr. Anthony Fields. Holdner tells him his death wasn’t his fault. Marcus is confused by this and asks about the armed guards. Holdner slowly pulls out his phone and shows Marcus security footage of him killing Fields in a fit of rage before running out of the room. Marcus doesn’t know what to make of it. Holdner reassures him it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t of right mind. They run him through a battery of tests by DR. JEAN THOMPSON. Shortly after arriving GENERAL HARGRAVES meets with Marcus. His country needs his services. Marcus agrees and they send him on an operation to steal intelligence from a Russian base in the middle east. Marcus finds that they lied to him and goes AWOL to get to the bottom of it.

Three months later he lands in New York City on a shipping freighter. He tracks down General Mills who is now the Director of National Intelligence. While meeting with him the director of the CIA, Bill Engals, storms in. They’ve lost contact with their agent on the inside, Jean Thompson. They agree to send Marcus in to infiltrate, find Jean Thompson and “Assange” Moirai, exposing their nefarious dealings. Marcus breaks in and with the help of Jean upload all intranet files on Moirai’s servers to Wikileaks exposing them. They rush to escape but what they find on their way out is more frightening than death itself...

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  • Writer - Michael Madden

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